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          Welcome to the official website of Shenzhen Haizhiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.!
          Can‘t find a suitable capacitive touch screen supplier?

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          Scientific development, high quality and efficiency, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction
          Focus on high-tech enterprises integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of capacitive screens in tablet, vehicle, industrial control and medical fields.
          • National custom hot sale
          • 186-8898-5961

          Product Quality

          Monitor product quality according to SIO‘s comprehensive quality inspection system

          Haizhiyuan touch screen manufacturer quality guidelines::
            • 1.Touch screen production pass rate of 97% or more
            • 2.Shipment to the client IQC sampling pass rate of 98% or more
            • 3.Customer satisfaction 100%
            • 4.Less than 0.15% after sale
          Haizhiyuan touch screen manufacturer quality policy:
          • Quality is the company‘s sustainable lifeline, and the starting point for value and dignity.

          Customer Service

          Perfect after-sales service system, no matter where you are, our services are everywhere

          After sales service

          After sales service
          • Professional customer team, time...
          • The company has established a professional customer service team. After receiving the customer information, the company will arrive at the scene withi...

          Production stage

          Production stage
          • Independent and complete product...
          • The company has a complete ERP system, customers can monitor the quality and quality management system with perfect production schedule at any time, c...

          Development Phase

          Development Phase
          • Custom and flexible mode selecti...
          • Strong research and development technology, with more than 50 professional and technical personnel, industrial control touch screen production and res...
          • Service Process
          • Sea source service process
            • 01 Customer demand input (drawings, product parameter requirements, etc.);
            • 02 Sea source research and development evaluation map;
            • 03 The customer confirms the drawings and pays the mold fee;
            • 04 The source of the sea is proofed and sampled;
            • 05 The customer confirms the sample and signs the trial production;
            • 06 The source of the sea is mass-produced and shipped to the door;
            • 07 Sea source after-sales service;
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          We are only doing better, witnessing hundreds of companies

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          24-hour service hotline:186-8898-5961

          ABOUT US

          Shenzhen Haizhiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd., located in Guanlan, Longhua, Shenzhen, China, was established in June 2008. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, manufacturing and sales of capacitive screens in the fields of tablet PC, vehicle, industrial control and medical. . Registered capital of 10 million yuan, more than 300 employees, the company‘s total area of 3,000 square meters, which has 1,000 square meters of 1,000-level workshop to ensure clean, dust-free products; 300 square meters of high-standard 100-level workshop, strong production capacity equipped with systematic The management concept can meet the large supply needs of customers.


          • Certifications 6
          • Certifications 5
          • Certifications 4
          • Certifications 3
          • Certifications 2
          • Certifications 1

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          How long can I ship after placin...
          Our company‘s delivery time is generally determined according to the payment time and order quantity, and normally it i...
          Can purchase be invoiced? If the...
          You purchase a tax-free price and the customer needs an invoice that is subject to tax
          Shenzhen Haizhiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.
          Phone: 18688985961
          Fax: 0755-81479086
          E-mail: mgljlh811@163.com
          Address: Haohaoyuan Industrial Zone, No.11,
          Zhangyi New Village, Junzibu, Guanlan Town, Longhua New District, Shenzhen

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